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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting More Stuff Done

A friend recently mentioned she is pleased when she finds that I have not blogged on any given day. She knows it means I am busy getting things done and or creating. Well, she is right. When one is on a roll, one must continue to roll until you run out of steam or run into something.
In the interest of downsizing and being well-prepared for when the actual move takes place, we have laid out the house in CAD and placed all the furniture in said plan. I have the curtain fabric/curtains and paint colours chosen as well as thoughts on what needs to be removed from the yard and what I will plant in the gardens. I don't like surprises, or wasting time ruminating on things. I've spent enough years "becoming" me and now I am quite clear on what will make a good fit and what wont.

I have had the above cabinet for many years now, always filled with much of my doll/toy collection. That is being down-sized as well. This week I have amalgamated everything into the upstairs cabinet (what didn't make the cut must be sold).

Now this lovely library cabinet will be called back to its original purpose- holding books. Looks as though most of what we have int he house will fit here.
Funny, I tried for a year to sell this thing. Not a peep of interest from anyone. The same good friend commented that perhaps it hadn't sold because we might still need it. Well, she was right again. It's very nice having friends that are wiser than you.

Bitter cold today. Stay warm, and don't forget about the hot cocoa.

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