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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bonus, With Purchase

When you buy a house, you add to the offer anything that is in the house that you would like to have. I suspect it is meant to include important items like a lawnmower or stove, etc. Well, when we were looking at the house we recently purchased I asked for two metal cabinets, several apothecary jars and this. I have no idea what it is, or was. I liked the swan and the faux painted wooden base.

(There were lots of neat old bits and bobs that I would have loved to go through however that would have been snooping.)
When Marty and Joshua brought it home this weekend, I noticed the "La Musique" plaque attached to the base. No clues or other markings that I can find.
There is a little hole in the beak suggesting that something once hang from there. Perhaps it was on a newel post. It's only made of white metal and the patina is applied. The whole thing is over a foot tall. Any ideas?

The temperature outside has dropped from zero yesterday to a bitter -12c. Good day to stay in and drink cocoa.

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