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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Milkhouse Enthusiasm!!!

On Sunday afternoon I had some visitors. Sharon, whom I met through one of my Kijiji ads brought along her good friend Rosa to see the Shoppe. Rosa came along with her whole family, hubby and two children. They were such a delight. Now this is not place that was created with the "male shopper" in mind but he was of good cheer and weathered the wait with aplomb. "The guys" eventually found their way into the house where Hubby and Marty chatted while son played with Odelia. Her children were such good shoppers and knew exactly what they wanted. Rosa and Sharon had a good time just poking about, over and over to make certain they didn't miss anything. It was fabulous. Thank you both for such a wonderful visit. Looking forward to spending more time with you both!

Rosa arrived bearing gifts too! She made this fabulous apron. Spring has definitely arrived in my kitchen. I love it!
Even her daughter has something special for me. This lovely little doll she created. It has a special place in my studio. Thank you.
To get Rosa's extremely generous take on her visit here you can check out her Milkhouse post.
Have a great week!


Rosa said...

Oh Jennifer...I can't wait for our next visit...sans kids and husband though. They were great but still can shop so much better when I know they are 'not there' :) Thanks again for such a warm and fabulous welcome!

Sharon said...

Good friends, good fun and good shopping! Can't ask for much more!


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