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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Set A Goal And See It Through

The "Subject:" my doll cabinet storage area. This neat old cabinet was purchased literally days before we moved from our other home. It sat in the middle of the living room until the movers placed it on the truck. It is from an old jeweler's store. This is actually only half the cabinet, as it ran the whole length of the store. Someone else has the other half.

It's great as you can display things in the generous top half and store stuff in the base of it. Well, it was time to attack the storage area as things have just been tucked in there and I have rarely even pulled stuff out. I knew what was in there but as we're moving and my needs have changed I figured now was a good time to cull.
The contents. I put some items where they ought to have been put in the first place, then amalgamated others so they would be easier to find later.
I have no aspirations to hit the potter's wheel anytime time soon but I love the wooden tools. Some may well find themselves in a future assemblage.
I think I need to get a larger "shoe" box. Seems I have a thing for wooden shoes. I think they are great, not as shoes per se, but more as unusual "vessels."
This poor, rare "Baby Kewpie" has seen better days but I have plans for it.
After going through everything, and putting things away, I am left with only part of cabinet base in use and this pile of goodies to give away or sell. Still lots more to do in the rest of my studio space and shoppe but this is a good start. It's good to have a plan. :)

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