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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden Treasures

Marty and I did a little walkabout in the back yard of the new house before I headed back home. Considering it is right in town, it is a good size and there are a lot of large mature trees. Can't live without trees! If there hadn't been trees we would not have considered the house in the first place.

This really cool planter has seen better days. I hope we can fix it.
The previous owner loved her birds! And gardens. A woman after my own heart. This is just some of the stuff we pulled from the gardens and along the fence-line. Too bad most of the birdhouses are in great disrepair, rotting or falling apart. She must have spent time in Florida as there are dozens of Conch shells about.
There is an antique sink already here. (Plus the one we are removing from the bathroom) YAY! I'm selling the one next to the Milkhouse here in Prescott.
I hope to resurrect this wonderful old log cabin. The locking mechanism on the door works!
This was used to feed the birds, each cup holding seed. I think it is actually the agitator from an ancient washing machine, turned upside down and stuck on a pole.

There were also both ends of a child's bed tucked here and there.
We pulled out bits of littler that had blown in over the last few months and look forward to cutting out the messy, shrubby stuff to open up the yard and bit and bring back all the birds that once took the time to stop and eat/nest here.


Mya.L said...

How come that lady left so many wonderful things behind?!

Pam McKnight said...

sounds like a wonderful treasure hunt!

Susan Williamson said...

As I've said before, you have a knack for finding magical stuff and magical places. You'll get great enjoyment from putting your own personal stamp on this house, I just know it!


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