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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Narcissistic Robin

This is a Robin. nothing particularly special about Robins. They are harbingers of spring. They eat worms and build nests in funny places. This fellow however has taken it in his head that his own reflection is some kind of intruder on his territory.
For three days now he has been flinging himself at this window/his own reflection. He is here in the morning, then takes a break, back in the afternoon and then in the evening. Considering the location of this window, he has had to work very hard at seeing anything in it, much less his own visage.
This has been very entertaining for Odelia who is both curious and very concerned by the regular thumping. He doesn't hit it very hard, just flies into it, then back to the branch, then thunk again. We've tried everything to discourage him but he just keeps coming back. If he has a mate, I think he better get to work on that nest, don't you?!

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Slightly Askew Studios said...

We had this happen a long time ago. It happened three years in a row at the same window. It drove me crazy, listening to that stupid bird banging against the window for days. We never figured out why it was doing that so if you figure it out I would love to hear. Shannon


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