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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All Roads Lead To Merrickville

Well, it sure seems that way. We were in Merrickville last Wednesday for the vet, then Saturday for the yard sale and then back again in the evening for dinner, just hubby and me. We ate at Dickens Gad's Hill Place. We always enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the food is always good.

After we finished our meal, it was still daylight out (isn't that wonderful?!) so we took a walk around the locks. The Rideau Canal runs through Merrickville It's always fun to watch boats working their way through the locks. Nothing was going on and the empty river bed was a stark contrast to the
water rushing by just a little further over. Just looking straight down made you dizzy! This picture gives a poor idea of how fast it was moving.
Further down the road again, the water was tumbling along at a more relaxed pace. We were watching a pigeon perched on the ledge and didn't even notice the raccoon further along the same perch! In a flash he dashed into a drainage pipe.
The old ruins are nice to look at.
Even the community board in front of the post office has a very creative detail across the top. If you ever get the chance, Merrickville is a great little place to visit.

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