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Friday, May 20, 2011

In The Calm Before The Storm

We were very fortunate to have a pleasant day without rain for a change. However, as the day came to a close you could hear the thunder in the distance and the clouds began to darken.
Joshua and I went out to take some pictures of the fresh growth and blooms around the property. Joshua gets all the "tall shots."
Our crab apple puts out lovely blooms each year, then fizzles. No fruit.
I can't get enough of the lilacs.
My little burning bush is such a lovely green in the spring.
One of the flowering trees.
Aren't oak leaves adorable when they are small and new?
Another flowering tree.
My Hellebore are doing great this year. They have grown and get more blooms each spring. This one is called Lenten Rose.
Well, the thunder storm rolled in and we were all snug inside at the end of a good day.

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