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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Visitor

This is how you usually see Turkey Vultures. Their grand wingspan makes for a strong silhouette in the sky. They fly over our property regularly. I have even caught a few perched on the roof of the barn.
This morning when I put the dogs out, I noticed something on the barn roof. I quickly put the dogs back in the house, hoping the fellow would still be there when I returned. He was! (I'm assuming it was he. I figure the she-birds are busy with their young this time of year.) I
I guess he was just chillin', taking in the sights, enjoying the warm morning sun and looking for dead stuff.
I was watching him, he was watching me. Nothing much else going on.
Then I started to talk to him. You can do that, in the country, alone, where no one will think you're nuts. He seemed to like the sound of my voice; did a little ruffling.
I thought he was going to fly away but no. He had something to show me.
His lovely young wingspan. Adults span about six feet. This guy was maybe four. Maybe I sounded like a lovely female Turkey Vulture.
He stood like this for a long time. I kept talking, he kept showing off. Maybe I just sounded like his mother. Some offspring do try to please.
After the show, he was gone.
What a great way to start the day.


Ronna said...

Fabulous post. Lovely bird!! What fun.

Jenny said...

I really do think He has a sense of humour. I think you made the vulture's day. He'll be boasting to all the other vultures about his special conversation.


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