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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Gabry Road Shoppe

You might have noticed the Gabry Road button on the side of the blog. It is a relatively new Canadian web site that presents sellers' hand made wares from Canada. I spent this morning figuring out how to upload items to my shoppe and actually got all my German glass glitter up! This is where I will be listing items from the Milkhouse Gallery. My shoppe name is Vintage Serendipity.

Those who know me know I'm no computer whiz and usually enlist the help of one of my boys. Well, Rosa was very patient and talked me through my problems and now I feel much more confident about listing more.
So take a moment and drop on by to browse around. It's new and looking for more creative folk to sign on and sell.


Rosa said...

Yah Jennifer! Your boutique is wonderful and you knew what you were doing all along :) Thanks Jennifer!

Wendy said...

That's wonderful Jennifer, I'll keep my eye's on your shop. I know you have the most interesting things to create with.


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