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Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Dog Shots

This is Odelia last Friday evening when the guys had all returned home from being away for a week. She is absolutely crazy for Jacob, who doesn't feel quite the same level of enthusiasm for her. He does however concede to deep tissue ear massages which leave Odelia all swooney.

Rosie and Gumdrop always ate side by side. Never a problem. Rosie inhaling her food in seconds flat, Gumdrop taking each kibble and eating it like a lady. I figured it might be nice if Odelia and Gumdrop learned to eat side by side. HAH! At first Gummy wouldn't even touch the food with Odelia nearby. After a little coaxing she did begin to eat but the minute Odelia emptied her bowl she just moved over to Gumdrop's and inhaled that too. Odelia is still eating on the stairs. I know, I shouldn't be so naive.

I've never met a dog so attached to her toys. She always has one near her, or oftentimes has them all out surrounding her, like puppies or little sheep that regularly need herding. She really doesn't like it when I go through the house and put them all away either. No sooner am I done, than she is back at her bin taking them all out again.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


Carmi said...


Lululiz said...

Dogs are just the most fascinating and loving companions.

Susan Williamson said...

Wonderful to see these photos of your doggies, and so cute the way Odelia herds her toys.


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