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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Fun Finds

Last weekend we visited a few yard sales. A nearby neighborhood was doing their annual community yard sale. Some years have been very good. Not as many taking part this year.
I found this neat brass scale with an old rusty baking pan hooked up to it. $1. Sold!
I sanded and painted the pan and chain black and Marty polished up the scale.
On my birthday Joshua took me out for lunch and to do a little thrifting. We ended up in downtown Brockville which I rarely visit as the challenge of finding a place to park is a real turn-off. We got lucky though and only had to walk a block to our destination. There is a cluster of antique/ secondhand shops in one area. I paid "a lot" for an ancient box of Bible verses but everything else was found next door for very good prices. The silver baby cup was from the weekend's finds. has a quote/picture from Goldilocks & the Three Bears.
This is another find from the weekend. It was a dollar too.
I finally found some old buttons to go through on Tuesday too. It's been so very long since I have enjoyed sorting through a jumble of old and newer, looking for a few treasures. The teeth were in that tin of buttons. One dog, one shark. You just never know what you will find!
There were a good number of antique buttons too. Always satisfying.
I bought the spoon the same place as the ornate frame. It cost more than the frame!
These 1970s knobs and escutcheons are from my least favourite era but painted up they will take on the look of little plaster ceiling medallions don't you think? Now that's cool!


Rosa said...

Woozers! If you ever tire of the scale i have a home for it :) Great finds!

Lululiz said...

Great finds! I can't believe you that terrific scale for $1, what a bargain!


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