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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rideau Antiques

On our way to the cottage we stopped at Rideau Antiques, in Lombardy. I was thrilled as it was Marty who actually suggested it (however I was already hoping to stop by anyway). He needed to match the door knobs in the other house as there were a couple doors missing the old glass knobs. These are a little bigger and different from the standard glass knob so he wanted to get it right. Totally fine with me.
I loved this stack of old crocks outside.
Marty found what he was looking for in the way of door knobs.
I was happy to find a gallon jar of buttons to sort through while at the cottage. You just never know what fun treasures you will find in a jar of buttons!
I really liked these old metal chairs. I think they would look great with a fresh coat of paint, sitting on our new porch.
I also found this lovely child's enamel coffee set. They aren't marked but likely German or French.

So, if you are passing through or near Lombardy, Ontario, take a moment to check out Rideau Antiques. You'll need days to see everything but it will be an experience you will not quickly forget. And oh, the inspiration!

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