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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Yard Sale

As promised, here are the pics of Saturday's finds. The sale had wood working tools and related items which is why we went to it as Marty is always on the look-out for good tools and things that will help improve his wood working activities. He found a trunk-full of goodies.

I fell in love with the Victorian painted three-legged table, and came home with a few old bottles, an old Reeves Pantograph and some old bottles. The little cup with the cool metal label attached is actually a Viscometer. Marty explained how it works but I got it for the metal tag on the top. The wooden box is just really neat and old. I can see it filled with an assemblage of some sort.
The three-legged table has gold leafed corners and a Mother of Pearl inlay in the centre of it. There is also a thin green line scalloped along each side. As you can see it has seen a lot of use or abuse even. I really like the ghostly remnants of lists or notes from years gone by, forever impressed into the surface.
Marty thinks these are old whiskey bottles. One says Bright's, since 1874 on it. I loved the rope detail.
This little saucer is signed and dated on the back, 1926. Was it a china painter's glaze guide? The chunky shell necklace just feels so nice and the little souvenir of Brockville is actually a sewing kit. Well, that's it. Have any of you made any cool finds lately?
Stay Cool!

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