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Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Laid Plans

On Thursday I dropped Jacob at the train for what was supposed to be a weekend full of special plans. He and Aaron had signed up for a three day conference and on Sunday Marty drove up to meet Aaron at church and at the end of the day they all had tickets for Ottawa's Bluesfest.
As it is Marty's birthday this week they were looking forward to seeing Joe Satriani, (Marty's first official concert too!) one of the closing acts.
However, that was not to be as a big storm blew in and literally blew down the stage while Cheap Trick was playing. The grounds were quickly evacuated and that was the end of their special weekend. (You can click the link above to read all the details.) It is most fortunate more people didn't get hurt.
Oh, and the teeny tiny fine print on the tickets says there are no refunds for "acts of God, among other things." That too is most disappointing.

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