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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Good Day

Tuesday was a good day for progress in sorting and for good fun with a friend for dinner. Miss S came by for a good visit and we enjoyed some potato salad and brownies for dinner. She had great stuff to share that she was working on and even a surprise for me too! More on that another time. (I'm so inspired!!!)

Odelia was thrilled to see her, as was Gumdrop (who normally hangs out in "her spot" at the back door). Here, Odelia has snatched the outdoor Frisbee from the toy bin on her way into the house. She wont let go of it so I cannot get her halt-y off. The old monkey with its hand in the jar holding a peanut syndrome. She wandered about, dragging her leash behind her, staying clear of me for a fair bit before she dropped the Frisbee and was able to get the halt-y off. Silly thing!
I have finally proceeded through my stash of fabrics and have gotten more into the Milkhouse. I love the variety of prints on these wonderful depression era Dresden Plate circles. The larger ones are machine sewn and the smaller are all hand-stitched.
I had all but forgotten about the Milagros. You can read about Milagros here. I got them a long time ago and put them in with my buttons. They are just the right size for ATCs, light weight and flat enough for scrap booking too. The little hole makes them easily stitched to your fabric projects as well.
Well, they are finally in the shoppe! Better late then never right?
More jewelry too.

Thank you Sharon for a fun evening and good company. Until next time!

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