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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have A Seat

I found this stool at the town-wide yard sale in Merrickville back in May. It is made of oak and I loved the worn rungs from use and the adjustable seat. I carried that thing seven blocks back to the car! Love it. apparently it has other interesting qualities that escape me, but Odelia thinks it's pretty fascinating. I am going to put a plant on it in the other house.

This fun green stool made of steel with a wooden seat came home on my lap as we had a car-full of stuff after running errands with Marty one Saturday.
This metal stool is just my size! I'm short. It's smaller than the other two and will actually be put to use as a stool. Odelia is checking out its provenance too. I found this one at the Gananoque sale on Friday. Each stool was only five dollars. Good deals!

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