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Monday, July 4, 2011

Gananoque Yard Sale


A couple weeks ago there was an ad for a very large yard sale in Gananoque, on Canada Day weekend. It's about an hours leisurely drive down number two highway. We don't normally travel to distant yard sales however, they had mentioned tools and other things that were of interest to Joshua. So off we went at 6:30AM. It was large and varied. The tools, however had sold the night before. Sad Joshua.
~printers type set in wooden box.
Joshua did however find something special to bring home. Now look carefully at the yellow unit with its diagonal shelving. Look strangely familiar? You have seen it before, a lot over the years, I am sure. It's a Kodak film display shelf. It will now occupy Joshua's room and hold books, DVDs etc. He loves yellow so it's perfect for him. It JUST fit into his Golf! Gotta love those VWs. The signs were finds from Saturday's yard sale.I found a delightful array of assorted vintage stuff. The funky old silver plate serving spoon and never used souvenir cushion cover from London, England.
This very worn old toffee tin. It had a few old buttons in it which was fun to sort though. It just occurred to me that this tin must have held A LOT of toffee.
This sweet evening bag needs a little TLC but has the most delicate crochet work.
More vintage seam binding.
I had one of these Pelham marionettes when I was younger. Mine was the wicked witch. She was green with the usual witch costume. I have no idea why I chose the wicked witch, considering all the other options! Anyway, I was thrilled to open the box and find this cute little pig, whose name is "Perky."
There was a whole bunch of stuff on a bench behind the table and the fellow said that someone had set it aside and was coming back for it. There was some cool stuff in that pile. Anyway, some time later, those items had been put back out as no one came back for them. That's how I got this wonderful ancient seed box. A little worn and even has a little mouse hole on one edge but grand graphics. (sorry bad lighting)
You can never get enough tin picnic baskets. They stack and store beautifully.

More vintage Christmas cards. It was a fun little adventure and the people were all in a very festive mood. Worth the trip.
On our way home we saw this chainsaw sculpture waving his own Canada Day greetings.


Rosa said...

Great finds yet again! You sure do know how to find great yard sales!

Wendy said...

Wow what great finds Jennifer. I love the printers type, got any plans for them. Are the ones at the bottom of the photo printers types too, they look very large and like such neat fonts.


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