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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saunder's Country Critters & Garden Centre

This past Thursday was another perfect summer day. Not too hot, not muggy and sunny with a gentle breeze. A great day to head to Saunder's Country Critters & Garden Centre. It's just south of Kemptville for those local. This is a small zoo with an assortment of animals and birds. Many have been bottle raised. Like the kangaroo above.

Joshua and I bought some food pellets to share with the animals.

These African Crested Porcupines were one of my favourite critters. You can buy quills from them in the gift shop. Some of them are more than a foot long!

This large rabbit could be right out of one of Durer's paintings.
Love this shot.
The Yak is behind a double fence as it isn't something you would want to get too close to.
This little fellow was hoping we had some pellets leftover for him.
He was happy with a good scratch instead. He wagged his tail just like a puppy.

In spite of the noonday heat(or because of it), the tortoise was out doing rounds, munching on grass. Beautiful shell.
After our walk through the zoo we headed into the green houses to check out the plants (- half price sale). They have a sloth and other critters in there too. I couldn't have planned a lovelier shot than that of this butterfly on a flower.

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