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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Fresh, Tidy Studio

Well, when you have to show your home in order to sell it, sometimes you just have to tidy up spaces that don't usually get tidy. My studio for one. However, it is tidy and organised and clean and totally un-inspiring now.
I walk through, enjoying the clean, empty surfaces and think, Wow! I ought to get to work on something. So, before that happens, here it is. Perhaps to inspire, or encourage or just to prove to those who have been here and seen it in all it's messy glory, may I present to you, my tidy studio.
An organised bookcase. Okay, it's always organised but it is the first thing you see upon entering. The vintage vinyl dolls/monkey were Goodwill finds over the years. Joshua bought me the monkey for Christmas last year.

Then the dental cabinet Marty and I stripped last year. Some of my favourite ATCs are on the wall above.

Aaah, yes, The orange chair. Ready to receive any guest who may happen by.
Another dental cabinet, waiting to be stripped, clutter-free. The small mannequin is an antique French doll mannequin. The original silk covering is in pretty fragile shape and I love how someone used the top half of an old stocking as a cover. The wide band at the bottom is where you would have attached your garters.
I tend to put tiny finds in funky containers about the space. Makes it easier to find them and enjoy them. Well, I put most of them away. These neat hollow glass bead buttons were recently mended and are here drying.
Yes, my work table. All empty, barren, waiting for some action.
I even got the loft in order while sorting through my fabrics and other bits and pieces. A place for everything and everything in its place.
Well, that's pretty much it.
I hope all of you who had a long weekend enjoyed the extra day off. And so a new week begins.

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