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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lovely Lace-Wrapped Cards

I was visiting the Cafe Cartolina blog and she had posted the loveliest ribbon cards from here. They were enchanting.

This is currently my storage system for my vintage lace and trim. I have two small bins filled to the brim. Now, many of the laces are in separate baggies so that helps when searching for something. But wouldn't it be much nicer looking down into a box of orderly cards, carefully wrapped with lace. The blog has a template and directions but I decided to use what I have and wing it.
Here are some tags with mending yard or thread on them. They come in the nicest variety of shapes.
I chose the Fireside wool card for its size and lovely outline. While watching TV with Joshua I traced and cut out many cards from lightweight cardboard.
Here is where you can put all that unused scrap-booking paper to good use. I covered each side with decorative paper. I cut out the cardboard with scissors but used an Exact-o knife to trim the printed paper around the shape. It went quite quickly. Get some decorative pins and wrap your lace around each card.
I got a lot done however, there is a lot more to do. This will force me to also cull out what I don't want anymore.
~sorry about the photos. I took the pictures after dark.


Wendy said...

Love this Jennifer. I will definitely be trying this with my lace and maybe my ribbon too. I find the ribbon spools take up too much room. Thanks for sharing.

Ana said...

Ooooh so pretty. You have the best organizing ideas Jennifer. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,


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