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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Bone Day For Odelia

On a regular basis, Odelia and Gumdrop get a new bones to chew on. Gummy goes off and enjoys her smaller treat thoroughly until it's gone. This time I heard Odelia all over the upstairs and not just just grinding away on it as is her usual habit. I didn't want her chewing on it on our bed, so went to check she wasn't in our room. No bone in sight. Joshua and I asked her what she did with the bone (in the past she has buried her bones under our pillows in bed. Not a nice surprise when you don't expect it!)

She led us on a little tour of the upstairs ending with the studio. Remember my tidy orange chair? Well, cushions on the floor and Odelia sitting proudly in front, hoping we wouldn't steal her special stash.
One well stored bone, to be "dug up" later when the muchies hit. I don't think so.
I took it out and handed it to her. I guess she figured she better start enjoying it or we might change our minds and take it away.

Enjoy your weekend, Everyone!

1 comment:

Mitzi Curi said...

Looks like Odelia will be enjoying her weekend! Thanks for sharing. I'm such a dog lover!


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