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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rideau Woodland Ramble

This weekend we were kid-free, or rather young adult free. No viewings, nothing scheduled. It was grand.
We headed off with a picnic lunch to check out the nearby Rideau Woodland Ramble, in Burritt's Rapids. It is a nursery specialising in rare and unusual plants and shrubs, trees, and more. They have been developing this seven acres over the last 11 years and have created a lovely spot to wander about and lots to inspire you in your own gardening efforts. There certainly were a lot of neat plants.
Next to the pond a frog takes a little sun.

As there was a 25% off sale Marty and I chose three plants to tuck in at the new house. A Maidenhair fern, an Hosta and little Cotoneaster.
After our ramble we hopped over to Merrickville for some homemade Gelato and then home.

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