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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Here are some finds from a recent yard sale and trip to Goodwill. This lovely 1920s canister set is Czechoslovakian. In really good shape too.

These had been hanging about Goodwill for weeks and I finally caved and brought them home. Amazing they didn't get broken before now. Remember these funky glass animals that were once so popular, way back when?

More sparkly bits.
On our way home from Brockville Sunday, late afternoon, Marty and I stopped at a yard sale. You can imagine how thrilled I was to happen across a bag of old buttons! Most of them were wonderful too!
This would be my favourite.
I also found an antique lunch tin, another tin storage box, Ikea, an old tool box insert with four sections and a lovely shallow antique box which polished up very nicely. Too bad the inlay was missing but I am thinking a little resin and voila, your own personal inlay!


Evlyn said...

What marvelous finds. I am especially envious of the buttons, which I also always look for. But rarely do I find such great stuff as you do at yard sales and am impressed at your ability to do so.

Mya.L said...

Never saw a vinegar bottle like that before, the canisters, yes of course, but not such a bottle! And gosh, the little glass animals... once we got half a dozen of them as a donation, in the charity shop I volunteer for, and some "ignorant colleague" put 50 pence on them - I nearly had a heart-attack!!! The woman who bought them, though, knew she got quite a bargain...


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