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Friday, August 19, 2011

When The Baby Bird Leaves The Nest

My dear Joshua is heading off on his own life journey now. He just spent two weeks "on trial" for an apprenticeship and apparently that has gone very well (~are we really surprised? This guy can fix anything! Just like his dad.), so off he will be heading to the other end of the province.
For his initial big road trip we tried to equip him with what he needed. He wanted a shaving kit.

Now, if you will be patient, I will share a funny little story about this shaving kit. We were in Brockville for lunch and to go searching for items on his list, when I suggested we stop at Goodwill to take a look there first.
Well, the cry went up from Marty who really doesn't like that place- definitely not his kind of fun. But I persevered and said,"For all you know there will be a complete shaving kit there, just waiting for us, with its tags on for four dollars!" Maybe I was exaggerating my case a little at this point, but you really never know what you will find from day to day. Of course, you dear readers, already know that.

So, Marty relented and off we went, with my promise that we wouldn't waste too much time there. We separated and went on our way about the store. Well! What should Marty find, but a lovely Buxton shaving, complete, with tags on it, for $4.04! Need I say more?

Yesterday I headed out to get stuff that Joshua will be able to use in his new, more independent life. I also spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen. I baked up two dozen jars of apple sauce cake in a jar. Dessert any time you want it!
And I made some instant brownie mix for him too. This is so easy to measure out a couple cups of mix, add two eggs and some vanilla and bake. There is enough for eight batches of brownies here. I think that should hold him for a while.
When Jacob and Aaron headed off to college I baked their favourite goodies too.

Aaron comes home from school tomorrow too. I will enjoy his company until he sets off on the next leg of his own journey. More on that later when he gets word. For now, he is happy to have completed his Professional Illustration program.

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