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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Decorating

It started as a quiet week. Only Tuesday was taken with a trip to Alexandria and home via Cornwall. Then stuff started to happen. Life got busier.
I had it well in hand but then, yesterday, while in town, the brakes died on my car. Got towed home, and here I am, stuck. No biggie. Lots to do here for this weekend. We have a bus tour coming to the Milkhouse!! That means cookies and warm cider. It's the least I could do for forty strangers dropping by. Then there are other folk expected to drop by later in the day and then a viewing of the house on Sunday.

Today I woke to cool temps and the sound of geese flying over. You know what that means. We wont speak of here, yet. So, I got Aaron out the door with me to cut the tall corn stalks down and we tucked them around the big tree near the Milkhouse, tied some to the Milkhouse sign by the road,
and tied the rest to the clothesline deck. I tucked in the few spent sunflowers planted by the squirrels.
Then it was over to our pond. The grass gets sooo tall there.
Aaron held onto the cattails and reeds as I cut some, then it was his turn to do some cutting.
We filled the milk cans with the cattails and reeds. Then we set up the tent and set out the little patio table. Tomorrow, I make apple drop cookies, and clean some more.


Jenny said...

I planted some bulbs yesterday and picked all my tomatoes. Yup, IT's coming.

Evlyn said...

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year with its fresh days and cool nights. What great photos of the corn stalks and long grasses you used for autumn decorations. Beautiful!


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