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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funky Vintage Kitchen Cabinets!

At the local yard sale Marty and I visited recently, I found these kitchen cabinets peeking out from behind a bunch of other stuff. I was taken by their salmon colour and the big handles. I asked the woman if they were for sale and how much they might be. She said $20. Wow! You can't even buy boring old shelves for that price. I knew I would have to figure out fast where these would go and be prepared to argue my POV to Marty. Well, he agreed and I think he was rather taken by them too. (He secretly loves the whole vintage/retro/antique thing too.)

They just need a little cleaning and I will paint the base a fresh black and the insides white. At only 18 inches deep they will fit perfectly into the closet in my new studio at the other house. Shelving will go above. The centre unit's door pulls forward and reveals a shelf AND and potato bin. How cool is that? Definitely more interesting that boring old shelves.
I wonder what the whole kitchen looked like all decked out with these.

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