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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Filling An Empty Space.

Sorry this shot is so poor. It is the only one I could find of this angle of the kitchen. You cannot fight with that eastern sun in the morning!
The red wooden cabinet is for sale as there is nowhere for it at the other house. The table and chairs as well as the little glass front buffet have moved on to another home now. The red and white enamel table was something I pulled from Marty's parents' barn when we were first married. I love this table! It has found a new home at the other end already.
That left a very large empty expanse in the kitchen. Rather lop-sided with the island, counters and Hoosier weighing down the rest of the space.
So, after a few days thought, I came up with a vignette using the utility stools I picked up at yard sales this summer. They fill the corner without getting in the way and create a little much-needed balance to the room. Voila!

**Thank you Rosa (don't you just love her aprons?!) for adding me to your "Featured Goodness" on Gabry Road this morning!**

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