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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Friends, New Friends

It has been another of those weeks when every day there is something happening.

It started with a grand evening out on Monday visiting Miss Sharon. Then there were some new customers to the shoppe, dropping in on their way from New Brunswick to points west, as well as a lovely visit one of my most faithful customers.

I was fortunate to have two days with friends in for lunch and a visit. This impromptu dessert was put together by Aaron and I on the weekend and I have remade it again to share this week. It's so simple and delicious too: a brownie and whipped topping topped with orange sauce.
The brownie came from the instant brownie mix I make and keep int he pantry and the orange sauce is actually left over from the roast chicken I made earlier in the week.
Off to snuggle with Odelia on this drizzly day for a bit.

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