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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfect Autumn Day- For Yard Work

It started off cool and damp but yesterday turned out to be the perfect day to spend outside. We gathered up the garden bits, then headed to the barn to put them away.
The dogs loved hanging out with us, that is until Odelia decided to visit the neighbours across the road. Here Marty is getting his tractor ready to put away for the winter or whomever comes along to buy it. No need for a tractor in town!
After tucking away all the garden bits we spent the rest of the day going through the stuff in the barn and sorting it- garbage, Freecycle, Sell, and scrap metal. Lots of work, lots done.
The dogs got a ride to the Milkhouse. Gumdrop just sat herself down firmly and enjoyed the ride. Odelia was a little less relaxed about the whole thing.
We finished our day with a cozy fire in the wood stove. our first of the season. I had all but forgotten how lovely and warm wood heat is.

My "Curly Girl" says farewell until next spring. God willing we will greet the next warm season from our home in Brighton.

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