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Monday, October 24, 2011

Rosa & Gabry Road Love

Well, dear Rosa did it again! She is a wonderful creator with the sewing machine!
This is Marty's Christmas gift to me this year. Early? Maybe. Did he pick it out himself. Of course not but he liked it very much when I showed it to him, after arrived last week, and yes it will be tucked away until the holidays but I just had to share first.

This is her fab "Canvas Wrap Apron." Isn't it adorable and delightful?
Thank you Rosa!!

I love the details. Go here to check out other happy apron-wearers.
The side pocket is perfect for scissors and whatnot, AND you can sit or bend without stabbing yourself in the process. How cool is that?

Rosa is also the creator of Gabry Road where you can list and sell your creative goodness for only twenty dollars a year. It's Canadian! No extra fees! How great is that? As it is new, it is important to get the word out and support the effort.
I've even sold out my silver and gold German glass glitter through Gabry Road. (Not to worry, there are still other colours available.)
I ought to mention that if you do sign up this month- October- you will get a chance to have your twenty dollar fee refunded too! So it would be FREE for a year. Who doesn't like free?

I even had the chance to meet with another Gabry Road vendor this weekend. Jeanette of BritChic Jemz dropped by the shoppe to check out my beads, etc. for her own jewelry creations. It was very nice meeting you Jeanette.

Have a great week, Everyone!


Rosa said...

So happy you like the apron! Not sure if i would be able to keep a gift tucked away til Christmas though :) Thank you so much for being such a great part of Gabry Road! We (heart) you!

Jenny said...

That's a great apron. I'm sure it will make you smile whenever you put it on.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the apron! So cute!
Sandra Evertson


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