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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Surprise Trip To Brighton

When Marlene said she was heading to Brighton on Thursday I went along for the ride. I haven't been to the other house for a while so it was time to visit.

There was still a lot of colour on the trees. This is a lovely maple which is unfortunately too close to the house. However, for the moment, it makes for a nice picture.
I did the usual cleaning and organising while there. I also began stripping the wallpaper off the kitchen walls. Although there is much to do in the kitchen, renovation-wise, I decided it would be nice to have my curtains up. I cut these down from two vintage bark cloth panels. All you can see outside the window is the huge spruce so privacy isn't an issue. I love the eastern light in the morning too.
Marty has painted the living room, guest room and dining room as well as one of the bathrooms. This is the dining room. He also refinished the floors in the guest living, dining rooms and hallway.
Outside the plants and trees are looking wonderful. I forgot to cut some dry hydrangea to bring home.
In a neighbour's yard, a birch tree just glows against its green counterparts.
The yew trees are full of bright red berries.
This hangs out on the back porch.
There is no grass growing under the huge spruce tree and much of the yard is covered in moss so there isn't a lot of grass to cut.
This old school desk was likely used to hold the former owner's laundry basket as the line is right nearby.
Well, I was home again Friday night and today I am looking forward to my annual visit from my BFF from school. A week of girl time. How great is that?

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