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Thursday, November 3, 2011

When Your Girlfriend Comes To Visit

Denise arrived in time for dinner on Sunday. Odelia was very happy to curl up for couch time with her. Actually Odelia will curl up with anyone who is willing to suffer the "fuzzy" blanket and her moist kisses. Couch time is almost as fun as running.
We have been blessed with some fabulous weather all week long. Monday was cold but it's just gotten warmer every day since.
Monday we spent poking about Brockville. The usual haunts- Winners, Goodwill, the Sally Ann, etc.
Tuesday was spent exploring Merrickville and having lunch at Gad's Hill. This time it was just soup. I had the mulligatawny soup and she went for the French onion. Warm and filling.
On our way home we hit Goodwill again and I was able to pick up some great Christmas gifts. Almost done the Christmas shopping already!
Wednesday we actually got out to the Milkhouse and I did some organising, photo-taking for stuff to list for sale and we even packed four boxes. It was a glorious day. You could hardly tell it was November!
The dogs had a good run too.


Ronna said...

Wish I could have been there too. Hi to Denise!!

Jenny said...

Those are two very happy dogs!


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