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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 1

The gang rolled in about one AM Saturday morning. Joshua came home and with him came along Marty's brother and his family of five. We were ten for the weekend. Lots of food and visiting and other activities too. It was sis-in-law's birthday on Monday and her daughters wanted to make cards for her, so off to the studio we went for an afternoon.

Seven year old Nicole chose the stairs for her desk. That way Odelia couldn't get to her.

Nine year old Jeannette knew exactly what she wanted to do for her card.
Then they spied the two crinolines I have hanging in my studio and wanted to try them out.
There was a LOT of spinning going on. No sign of their older brother. He spent his time with my guys.

Odelia was content to let them have their fun without interruption. She stayed out of their way.


Anonymous said...

Love the twirling. Bet the girls would like the flamenco! Olive

Evlyn said...

The photos of the girls twirling in the crinolines are fabulous. A metaphor for girl-hood since throughout all time little girls have loved dressing up and swirling around like this.


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