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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

There was a lot of tug-of-war throughout the weekend. Here Jacob has Gumdrop on one arm and Odelia on the other. There was also a game of croquet outside which Jacob won. The dogs were left indoors for that activity- you can't have them running off with the balls can you? They howled up quite the lamentation inside.

There was also wood cutting and grass mowing, a trip to the market in Brockville and another trip back to Brockville with the kids the next day.
Did I mention there was twirling? Yup, more of it downstairs.
With the kitchen table gone there was plenty of room to put on quite a show.
A little break.
After the big Thanksgiving meal, Odelia climbed up to see what all the fuss was about. No nibbles for her.
A full, wonderful weekend for all.

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Looks like the girls had a great time. Why not let the dog lick a couple plates this year?


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