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Friday, November 4, 2011


Yesterday turned out to be cold, wet and gray. Perfect for working inside. Denise and I attacked a pair of huge, unwieldy curtain panels (each twenty-five feet long) I found a Goodwill (where else?) a while back. They must have graced two huge windows in a hall or other grand space. They are fully lined too. All I needed to do was cut them down to make some very nice curtains for the dining room. Two pairs of hands are much better than one. By the days end I had four "new" panels to put up in my other dining room! I also finished with the panels for the living room. I just need to find some vintage-looking/affordable tiebacks for them.
I'll get to see these in action later this morning as I am hitching a ride to the other house with Denise on her way home.
Have a great weekend, Everyone.

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