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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House Work In Brighton

Before Denise headed home last Friday she helped me get the curtains we had been working hung in their new spaces. The dining room curtains look very much at home.
In the living room, the curtains are up and just waiting for some tiebacks to create a softer look in the space. Please notice the lovely wood floor. Marty and Jacob spent a long weekend a while back, removing the pink carpet and refinishing the original floors. They look wonderful!

We completed the job of stripping the wallpaper off the kitchen walls I had begun the week before. Underneath was the original mint green paint. Funny thing was, we had picked up a magazine on "Classic Kitchen Design" at Home Depot and inside they showed a typical 1930s kitchen reno, and there was our mint green paint colour in all its glory. As lovely as it is we are painting the walls white this time.

We spent two days stripping the wallpaper in my studio room. It was put on with paste a very long time ago. And painted over too!

On the first wall you can see where they had numbered the wall to coordinate with the strips of paper.
Isn't wet paper fun? Marty had a good system down for removing everything in full sheets. After the paper was gone, the walls were wet again and the leftover paste was scraped off then the walls were washed.

The "bumped out" closet which we knew had been added after the house had been built provided us with a surprise. Extra wallpaper and no plaster beneath, nor drywall as this reno predated drywall. They used Masonite-cheaper than getting someone in the do a professional plaster job. They did a fab job too. Everything is trimmed out like the rest of the house and with paint it looks like the rest of the room. Dontcha just love older houses?! Before my week ended, Marty got the first coat of paint on the walls in there. It looks great. No picture yet. When it is truly finished I will get one.

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