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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Wee Christmas Project- The Covered Cheese Plate

It seems I am the last person to take a cheese tray and alter it for display purposes. I've seen such lovely examples all over the blog world. I've also seen a great many covered cheese trays at Goodwill over the years and never picked them up- chastising myself after the fact for not thinking of putting them use myself. Well, not this time!

This one looks as though it has never even been used but is obviously from the '70s as the dome is made of acrylic. No scratches or worn spots. It sat in my pantry for months and I finally got to work on it.
I sanded the base and wooden knob (I removed the knob first). Wiped it clean and added some black paint, let it dry, then a couple different coats of white paint and let them dry. Then a little more sanding and a few sealer coats with a matte spray varnish.
I'm pleased with how it turned out and happy I finally got it done too.
However, there is no diminutive little display inside as I didn't take out all my old Christmas ornaments this year, so I tucked in a few things that have recently arrived in the mail. Everything looks better under glass, or acrylic as the case may be.
Have a great day, Everyone!

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