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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in Merrickville

I was fortunate enough to spend yesterday with dear friend Shelley. The weatherman was calling for freezing rain however we were just south of the nasty stuff so off we went to Merrickville. It indeed rained and the sidewalks got a little slick but we had celebrating to do and shoppes to conquer.
We saved the best for last, Mrs McGarrigles. They have the best assortment of gourmet and artisan foods to choose from. Lots of samples too.
Down the road at the coffee shoppe was this wonderful lady made of cedar boughs. I'm sure she looks especially elegant when the snow decorates her lovely dress.
Windsor's Courtyard is the place to go to be inspired. She has all kinds of beautiful decor ideas for inside and out. I love how birch logs stand out against the greenery.

On the corner, Mirick's Landing has its own window boxes all dressed up. With all the tiny lights about I'm sure main street is magical when the sun goes down.
Thanks for a great day, Shelley!!

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

What a wonderful place to do Christmas shopping. I especially like the woman made of cedar boughs. Makes me feel Christmas-y just looking at these great photos.


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