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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carefully Wrapped and Saved

This sweet old toy arrived a while ago, so carefully wrapped for shipping. To my surprise, the head was tucked into an old box and wrapped in old newspaper- the Morning world-Herald, Omaha, Nebraska, Friday April 25, 1941 to be exact. How cool is that?!
This poor thing needed a good scrubbing and had to be reattached to her lovely cloth body.
The box the body was packed in had certainly seen some use over the years.
I'm guessing the current resident of the box was indeed "Andy's mother's doll."
To my extreme surprise and pleasure the opposite end of the box revealed its original purpose. It held a genuine Horsman Art Doll. You almost never see an original box for a toy dating to the 20s or 30s. Back then you didn't save the box and it was merely a way to ship the item inside.
After some scrubbing of the china, some mending to the cloth body and getting her head properly attached, this plaything of the past looks ready for her clothes.
Two days of soaking and rinsing revealed slightly less yellowed cotton. Whoever made these clothes did a good job of it and put a good deal of care and skill into them.
Happily restored and with her own little china dolly, this is once more fit to be displayed and enjoyed.

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