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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Altered Tin

I finished my little altered tin. Sometimes things come so easily because the minute you see something, the finished idea starts knocking at you from inside your head, demanding to be let out. That's what happened this time. When I saw the tin at Balleycanoe, I knew exactly what it needed to become. For reference, the tin measures 7.5" by 3.5".
I pulled out my little box of bones, after adding the paper labels and ephemera to the back of each little section.
Then I gathered a few more tiny objects to continue the theme. The little glass vial holds some of my baby teeth. Yes, I still had them, in an old match box.
They had all fallen apart so they were just pieces of teeth. The two eyes are mouth blown German glass doll eyes. I actually found the two claws in a button box. I've no idea what they are from but they certainly look neat.
I love the old labels with red borders. I got these from Silver Crow Creations many years ago.

I added a couple antique labels to the lid to finish it off. I tried to find a translation for the German label in the corner but had no luck. I really liked the font though.

~I have used all original, antique pieces here. No point in photocopying, I have plenty to source from in my own collection. These precious bits have lasted this long and they will certainly hold up for many more years to come.


Ronna said...

Very cool!

Jenny said...

Why did I not guess that's what you were going to do? A surgeon's spare parts kit, perhaps?

Mya.L said...

Oooh, would love the claws!


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