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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finished Box Project

Now that my boxes are all covered with the antique wallpaper, it was time to fill them. Useful but not too exciting, stringing elastic.
My collection of fun and funky vintage flower pins. I have plans for these. Fabulous colour combinations.
I used one of those fifty percent off coupons from Micheal's to buy the die for cutting the labels.
I decided to put to use some of the scraps from covering the boxes to create a little colour at one end of my plain white storage boxes. It's almost like getting new storage! A fresh face for spring.

I sent the finished boxes back with Marty and asked him to put them in the cabinet and take a picture for me so I could see what they look like.

I'm thinking that I need some more boxes to fill the cabinet out. I think I need to find more antique wallpaper with a gray background....

1 comment:

Jenny said...

That's a fun die that you got for the handles. And the boxes look good in the cabinet.


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