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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sewing 101

Good morning!  It seems that my avoidance of taking on Blogger's new "face" and "format" has come to an end to for whatever reason things are not loading as I want them to, nor is my script landing where I want it to either.  Goodness knows how this is going to look when I hit "post."  It seems that good enough is never good enough and someone always needs to "improve" things for some reason. 
Anyway, let's get on with it, shall we?  A little while back I completed the curtains for the guest room at the other house.  Well, I thought they were done. I had carefully measured and hemmed and pressed and stitched and sent them off with Marty.  Well, apparently I completely got the length wrong and so he has be bringing them back one or two panels at a time for me to fix. 

(I should mention here that in my younger days I was known to sew up fine clothes for myself and really enjoyed the whole process.  It was however also part of that process to find that I needed to always rip out many a mistake and start over before getting it just right.)

I got the last of it done this past weekend.  You know how a village is supposed to raise a child?  Well, in my house I need lots of help to get my number correct!  Besides the human component, Odelia didn't want to miss out on any detail of our project!

She had to check out the fabric, adding a little of her signature drool to the mix.

Straight pins are new to her.  She was fascinated by all their bright cheery colours.

Maybe if she is good we'll let her hold the corner.  
(that's not some funky hair on Aaron, just the ostrich plume from an antique hat behind him.  :)  )

Re-hemming curtains is a lot of work!

This photo is by Marty, taken on his phone.  Here they are, once and for all, up where they are supposed to be.  No, they are not evenly gathered on the rod, nor is the centre centred on the window.  I guess guys don't go too much for the finer details.  Next time I visit the house I will be making it all perfectly balanced.  In the mean time, on to new projects.

1 comment:

Lululiz said...

Just look at the poor girl, all worn out from helping with the curtains! They turned out great.


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