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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When You give A Moose A Muffin... oops, wrong story, Pantry Fix-Up!

It all started a week or so ago. Marty and I finally took the hooks I bought years ago and hung up my mops, etc. along the wall going to the basement. Easy to access, but out of the way. Some things just don't get done. Probably because there are a whole lot of other more important things to do and unless the little things really get in your way they are easy to ignore.

With this wonderful new arrangement of cleaning aids, I mentioned again that I would like some peg board in my pantry on which to hang my pots. We have a whole bunch of nice heavy peg board. Marty used a number of pieces in his workshop. I've always wanted some in the pantry.
See the holes in the wall? That's where the odd pot was hung. The pots or skillets that didn't fit into a drawer. Not very orderly at all. And you wouldn't want to fill the wall with holes. That's not cool. Besides plaster doesn't take well to lots of holes.
Well, this past weekend it happened! Marty said lets get it done and so began and simple project to bring order into the pantry. We brought in the peg board.
He cut strips of wood to create a frame behind the board so it sat away from the wall- that gives your hooks room in behind. Isn't it wonderful that the boards were just the right size to fill the space. This was just too exciting. We also pulled some old trim from the wood stock and painted it white and created a frame around the boards. You can't see it well but it does finish off the piece very nicely.
Voila!! Pots all hung neatly and easy to access. No more stacks to fish through to get the right pot. It did seem like an awful lot of pots, once they were all spread out like this. After some consideration, I realised, yes, I do use all of them, regularly (except the three copper ones They are just really pretty). Missing would be two or three pots that I sent with Marty to the other house. Obviously I can manage fine without them.

Well, once the wall was finished it was time to turn my attention to other things in the kitchen.

I emptied the pantry shelves and put everything back again. Amazing how easy it is to find things when they are organised nicely. I also found another place for things that don't need to be in the pantry, like extension cords!

The drawer that held all the smaller pots was now filled with my Corning-ware. Much easier to get to.

Often-used storage containers and small appliances are stored in the bottom drawer.

I also rearranged the Tupperware cupboard. Isn't it nice to be able to see what you have? I don't use the little containers much anymore. No little children about anymore. I don't have the heart to get rid of them either.

Lastly, the vacuum hose and attachments found their way into the broom cupboard in the back room (metal garbage can holds Odelia's dog food.). A place for everything and everything in its place!

I look forward to doing it again at the other house! ;)

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Nichola said...

It's all so neat and tidy! I'm jealous ;)


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