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Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

There is someone new in the house. Odelia is NOT impressed.
It looks familiar.
It doesn't smell right though.
Gumdrop isn't so sure she's happy either.
I found this Gumdrop look-a-like at a yard sale last weekend. When I was ten I had one just like it in form and furriness but mine was blond. I loved that silly stuffed toy. I came with a brush so you could groom your fake pet.
Joshua has been missing his own dog so much I thought this might cheer him up. (Or, he might need therapy after receiving it.)
Anyway, Fake Gumdrop certainly has livened up the place this week.


Amy Howson said...

Joshua will love this!

Evlyn said...

Funny how Odelia and Gumdrop reacted to the fake Gumdrop. I guess we would too, if someone put a realistic life-size stuffed toy human that looked like us in our house.


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