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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spaceships & Deep Fried Pickles

Have you seen these before? I found them at Mrs McGarrigle's, in Merrickville. Not for every palate I am sure, but pretty cool. At only ten cents each they remind me of my younger days when you could go the the corner store and fill little brown bags with penny candy.
On the weekend Marty and I were out running errands and we stopped at the food court in the mall where they happen to make the best fresh Chinese fare anywhere. I saw a sign that said "deep fried dill pickles" and told Marty he needed to try one. I don't like pickles at all but he was game. It came with some ranch dressing to dip it in. He said it was good but you wouldn't want to eat a lot of them.
Any odd food finds in your own travels?

1 comment:

Knickertwist said...

I remember those flying saucers from when I was a kid!

And I LOVE deep fried pickles. Scrummy.


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