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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Girls Spring Fling @ Schuyler Pond Compliments of EarthAngelsToys

I hardly know where to begin, so here goes. This is Schuyler Pond & Garden, a wonderful place to explore and shop. I'm sorry I didn't ask if I could take any photos inside so you can just visit their web site for a peek.
Outside, you were greeted with wonderful displays of flowers and great vintage pieces.
It was so very bright out it was hard to get good shots but I really liked these layered glass plates standing in the garden amongst all the green foliage.
I was thrilled to see Jo Packham's new book, The Art of Organization! I've been waiting for it.
This is Letty Worley. She was a delight to talk to and she makes the the most wonderful bear purses and other finely stitched creations using old doll heads and so much more. Here she holds the bag I bought from her.
This stunner is a large handbag! Wow!
This handsome fellow is happy to carry what you need on your next shopping outing.
Here Letty is working on a needle holder bear. it's head will pop off to reveal a needle safe tucked inside the body. It will be attached to the this fabulous evening bag with its original compact inside. This is a custom piece for someone. You will see more of her work on the EarthAngelsToys web site.
Here is Krys Kirkpatrick. Her wonderful and whimsical artwork will please anyone. You can find her work on the EarthAngelsToys web site too.
Here are some examples of Cheryl Kuhn's assemblage pieces. She's another great EarthAngelsToys artist. I purchased one of her pieces. I will show it to you in another post.
These beautiful dolls are by Nicole Sayre. She wasn't present but it was so nice to finally see her work in person.

                              This was my favourite Laurie Meseroll painting.

Here is Jennifer Lanne. Another lovely lady who was so nice to talk with. I loved her bold and colourful work.
Here are some more of her paintings. Inspiration everywhere!
Pat Murphy's bears and other creatures will bring a smile to your face and you will want to bring them all home with you.
This fine fellow greeted you upon your arrival.
Here is what you saw when you first arrive. Everything was so thoughtfully arranged and presented. We were there on Saturday and went back again Sunday before heading back home. Lots to see.
This is Melody Elizabeth Doyel. Her jewelry pieces are pure genius and great fun. And don't you just love the Flapper-style dress?!
Here is Marie Pendley of "Derby Blooms." Another wonderful artist.
And of course, here is Jo Packham, signing her first "Where Women Create" book. I brought it, along with the latest issue of the magazine by the same name with me. I wasn't sure I was going to have the courage to ask for her to sign them but in the end, she happily signed everything for me!
Oh, I forgot to mention that I am on page 128 of Jo's newest book, "The Art of Organization." Here is the effervescent Jen O'Connor, (center) creator and head cheerleader of all the wonderful artist whom she represents at EarthAngelsToys.com Much as I tried to avoid being in the shot, there was no escaping it.
All things being equal, here is Marty with Jen O'Connor, Betti (left) and Sallianne MacClelland (Art is You).
This is in no way an exhaustive sampling of what I saw this weekend. There were pieces also by Jody Battaglia, Nicole Bowen, the creative folks at Cart Before The Horse, Valerie Weberpal and more. I had a few more pictures but they turned out fuzzy. I was so nervous!
thanks for reading the whole post. It was a great experience and a true thrill to get to meet folks I have been following along through books and magazines for years. To see more just head on over and browse the EarthAngelsToys web site.
I am still overflowing with all the wonderful memories of our trip. You guys Rock!! Thank you for making it ALL so special.

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