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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Merrickville's Town-Wide Yard Sale Finds

It's been a very busy few days but here I am, finally, with my take on Saturday's town-wide yard sale in Merrickville. I met dear friend Catherine Austen at 7:30 in the morning. It was sunny and chilly but that was fine. There was plenty of parking at that hour. It didn't take long for all the roadways to fill with vehicles and people!
Clouds over the foundry where we took a break for a snack. I made a picnic lunch for our day out. Chicken salad sandwiches, brownies, pastry pinwheels, coffee cake, carrot sticks, and French sparkling lemonade.
Trees were busting out all over! It's always fun to wander about seeing folks' gardens and homes this time of year.

There were even giraffes!

We didn't do any retail browsing or shopping except at the foundry store. I picked up this bird silhouette for the guest room.
And both Catherine and I went home with this garden ornament.
These were the "big" find of the day. Three lovely bell jars.
This was in interesting pile of decommissioned drafting pieces for some special antenna system back in the 1960s. Way before auto-CAD!
I found a few lovely old prints and a neat silhouette. The Victorian image in the upper right corner is actually a hot pad.
I always pick up these little laminated pieces from England. They look great grouped together or even in a doll house.

Aren't borders of these old photos wonderful?
I got a whole handful for only a few dollars. So much nicer than buying them one at a time!
The adding machine came in its original box and the leather-wrapped Physician's record book dates to 1911.
I had fun digging through a box of old silver pieces and found some small bits to make my own.
This was a wonderful find as well. In perfect shape too.
This is a souvenir from Rachel's Tomb and opens up to show pictures from Jerusalem.
Fan-shaped souvenir from New York City.
This is the base of something. Look at the great little animals all over it.

This was a fun find as well, an old child's leather school bag. It's still in great shape! You rarely come home without some old books. These go back to the mid-1800s. The book on top is called The Birds & the Bees. It is really about birds and bees.

If you are at all squeamish, don't bother to scroll down. Otherwise, you have been forewarned.

I bought two tarantulas for Jacob and Aaron. They measure nine inches long! Pretty cool huh?!

In the light, the leg colour changes from purple to blue. Pretty amazing for such a creepy creature. Not for everyone, but the boys were pretty impressed with them.

Overall, a wonderful day out with great company!


Wendy said...

Great finds Jennifer. I sent Tom but he didn't come home with anything.He says he say those spiders though. I love those bell jars. I think my second favourite is the childs book bag.

Jenny said...

Lots of wonderful treasures, all special in their own way - even the spiders.

Nichola said...

Fabulous stuff! I love the bell jars and I'm totally jealous of those photos!

the cuby poet said...

Wow you certainly found some good stuff. I would have had a great time, I love to rummage! The adding machine, the old prints which are straight from Thomas Hardy are my favourites. What a great day.


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