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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr Bill's Burgers, Glen Falls, NY

On our way to The Hyde Collection, in Glen Falls, we passed this brightly-coloured drive-in restaurant and it was packed with people. We decided it would be fun to stop there on our way back for a quick bite before totally crashing at the end of a very long but wonderful day.
I always love to see neon signs.

Apparently if you park in a numbered space and turn on your lights they come to you to take your order and then deliver it right to your car. Just like the A&W of yore.

Fun mural.

They have the biggest red and white umbrellas I have ever seen!

Marty ordered a burger and I ordered the cod "meal" which included fries and Cole slaw and a beverage. Lemonade is my drink of choice during the warm months. My fish came in a bun which I though was funny. Maybe it the "handle" for the whole eating thing. When I tried to break open my fish to cool it, it simply slipped out of it's breaded casket, so I ate it undressed as it were, with lemon. The Cod was lovely. Marty said the burger was fine. It "looked" nice.

Yes, I did ask if they had "poutine" and yes the poor girl looked at me like I was crazy. Hey, a girl's gotta ask, doesn't she? After all, I try to submit reviews when I can to the Poutine Chronicles. And they do have poutine restaurants in NYC, after all.
Anyway, no poutine, but did have something called "cheese fries" so we went with that. Turns out that cheese fries are just fries with little cups of melted cheeses whiz. Ick. No we did not eat this. We each had a bite or two and left the rest.
Well, the service was very good, the atmosphere great and there were a lot of people there. The parking lot was packed! What we ate however left a little to be desired, although I would stop again for just their cole slaw. I really liked that!
Bye,bye, Mr Bill.

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Ronna said...

Looks like a helluva lotta fun. Thanks for trying to find poutine south of the border!


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