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Sunday, May 27, 2012


It took a little time finding a place to stay that was affordable and available as it was graduation weekend in Saratoga Springs. I found the Landmark Motor Inn not too far away from where we were heading and the price was perfect too (less than a hundred dollars!). I checked out the reviews and they were all good as well. It was immaculate and comfortable and I really appreciated the little fridge as I was able to tuck our picnic leftovers in over night and refreeze the freezer packs too. Yup, it was 87f on Sunday!
Out front there was this really neat horse statue covered in copper coloured pieces of glass all soldered together. This was just one such horse was saw while driving about. Too bad we couldn't stop every time I noticed one. They are all the same horse but decorated/painted differently. And they are everywhere it seems.
All around the motel were life-sized statues. Pretty much all with a horse-racing theme.
This explains the one pictured above.

I caught a photo of this horse as we rounded a corner in downtown Saratoga Springs and there was no one behind us. Go here to see many more examples of Saratoga Springs' horse sculptures.

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